If your brand new Apple iPad Pro charges very slowly, don’t worry, you are not the only one. And it isn’t that your new iPad Pro is a defective unit, it is just that it is how Apple ‘designed’ the all new iPad Pro. Disappointing, right? It certainly is disappointing to me! The reason why iPad Pro charges very slowly is the fact that Apple bundled the 12W charger with the iPad Pro that they ship with iPad Mini and iPad Air. 


If you own an iPad Air (I do), I am pretty sure that you notice that your iPad takes very long to charge. My iPad Air roughly takes around 3-3: 1/2 hours to fully charge using the supplied 12 watt Apple charger. The Apple iPad Pro has 10000mAh+ battery and it is no surprise that it will take much more longer to charge with the same 12 watt charger.

In fact, from my own testing I found that the iPad Pro takes literally 4 hours and 45 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. And that’s not all. The data is true when you are not using the iPad Pro at all! If you are using the iPad Pro intensely while charging, I found that the charger isn’t capable of increasing the battery level at all! I had my iPad Pro at 28% battery and I hooked it up for charging. As it was charging, I played Dead Trigger 2 for 30 minutes straight. When I checked my battery percentage, I was shocked to see that my iPad Pro had only 27% battery left!

Unlike most of the other mobile manufacturer, Apple doesn’t seem to be using fast-charge technology. The supplied charger also isn’t capable of charging the iPad Pro fast. But, fortunately, there is a fix to this. 

Apple iPad Pro charges very slowly (Fix)


Lucky for you, there is a fix to this. By using a higher wattage charger (Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certified), you can charge the iPad Pro quickly. Using one of these, you can charge your iPad Pro fully in just 3 hours. Anker, Stalion, Aukey all make great chargers with warranty which can be all used with the iPad Pro.


And don’t worry about frying your iPad Pro with these high wattage 18W charges. The Apple iPad Pro circuitry will accept only the amount of power it can withstand. The 18 Watt charger won’t affect the endurance of the battery of the iPad Pro in any way. If you want to charge your iPad Pro quickly, it is the way to go.

As always, thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned and stay updated!


  1. Anyone bought this charger for their Pro? Although I’m desperate for faster charging, I’m still scared to death I will damage internal battery by using it!put on charger overnight while I slept with 30% charge left. Woke up to only 73% charge! Horrible!

    • Appreciate all the input here. I found what the problem was–my Amazon Basics charging cable. It works great on my iPhone 6 Plus, but terrible on the new iPad Pro. When I switched back to the cable that came with the Pro, charging was quite fast and powerful. There has to be something different about the Apple cable.

      • This is absolutely true. I had to buy new cables, for 90% didn’t charge the Pro quickly.
        The Apple cord did. I also confirmed with Apple that the Lightning connector limits any higher wattage charging. Apple got
        ahead of itself. The current lightning connector will either be upgraded, or the switch will be made to USB-c, hopefully with some backwards compatibility !

  2. These higher wattage chargers will not make any Apple device charge faster. The Lightning port restricts input.
    Until Apple converts to usb C we are all stuck in the slow lane….

    • I must amend my own post. Higher wattage chargers won’t charge any iOS devices any faster due to the Lightning port’s restrictions…

  3. If you’re working on intensive projects and don’t require an internet connection at the time, do what they suggest for the iPhone to decrease charging time: put it in Airplane Mode. The difference in charging speed is quite impressive. This shouldn’t HAVE to be the solution, but it does work quite well.


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