iPhone 6 is one of a kind. It is one of the very few phones which looks magnificent inside out. Made from aluminium, you will know it is a premium device. iPhone 6 is the biggest iPhone Apple has every created and it looks downright beautiful. While many of us see iPhone 6 as overrated Apple product, it clearly isn’t. It looks good and its performance is on par or better than competing Android flagships. It is certainly worth the money. Still, it is an expensive investment. You will surely not like to see it fall on the ground and shatter. Putting on a case usually solves all drop-related issues. Also, cases don’t always have to be bulky and ugly. Some cases can enhance the experience of the iPhone 6. Here are the 8 Best iPhone 6 Flip Cover Wallet Cases you may want to look out for!

1) ACEABOVE iPhone 6 Genuine Leather Wallet Cover

Best-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-CasesThis case is a little expensive than most of us wish it would be. AceAbove iPhone 6 Genuine Leather Wallet Cover is available in four premium colours. If you ask us, this case is definitely worth the money. This case is made from genuine Cordoba leather and feels great in hard.

This case comes first in out Best iPhone 6 Flip Cover Wallet Cases because it feels and looks premium. In addition to that, this case also has card slots to hold your important cards in place. It is very easy to install and remove this case.


2)  Benuo Genuine Leather Folio Leather Case for iPhone 6Best-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

Beuno Genuine Leather Flip Case is as premium as your iPhone 6. The customers who have bought this case are mostly satisfied. This case is hand-crafted and looks really beautiful. Available in only Brown colour, this case has a vintage look. There is stitching at the sides which adds beauty to this case.

As with most Best iPhone 6 Flip Cover Wallet Cases, this case has card slot where you can securely keep your driver’s licence, your credit card or any other standard cards. This case has three such card slots. Also, this case has magnetic closure which will keep your phone closed even in case of a drop.


3) Spigen iPhone 6 Premium Wallet Case with STAND Flip CoverBest-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

You knew there would be a case from Spigen, didn’t you? Spigen has been making mobile phone cases for years and the cases they make are of really high quality. iPhone 6 Premium Wallet Case from Spigen for iPhone 6 is no different.

Spigen iPhone 6 is available in whooping 8 colours. All the cases look really good. There is even a pink leather case specifically made for the girls. This case is made from synthetic leather which looks just like a real leather case. This case has slots to store cards. One unique this about this case is that you can use this as a kick-stand. Using this case, you can enjoy watching movies and photos.


4) Baseus Smart Window View Folio Case for iPhone 6Best-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

This case is an answer to Samsung’s S-View Cover, sort of! Just like the Samsung’s S-View Cover, this cover allows you to see who is calling and answer the phone call without actually opening the case. There is a metal strip where you can slide your finger to accept or reject the incoming call.

Baseus Smart Window Case for iPhone 6 is made in Korea and is available in four colours: Red, Black, White (Crimson) and what appears to be Gold-like colour.  You can also use this case as a kickstand. Above all, this case is priced reasonably.


5) Elago Leather Flip Card Case for the iPhone 6Best-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

Elago Leather Flip Card Case for the iPhone 6 looks elegant and is among the best looking iPhone 6 case. This case is available in whooping 17 colours and is priced reasonably. This case is made from synthetic leather and has card slots for storing your important cards.

Elago Leather Flip Case is made in Korea and is of very high quality. This case has minimalistic look and the grippy sides make holding iPhone 6 easy. This case costs less than $20 and is certainly worth the money.


6) Benuo iPhone 6 Leather Case Wallet with KickStand FeatureBest-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

Not many have bought this case but those who have, they have loved it. Benuo iPhone 6 leather case is available in 4 exciting colours and is priced really well. This case has card slots to store credit cards and other important cards. Also, you can use this case as a kickstand. This nifty feature allows for great video watching experience.

Installing and removing Benuo iPhone 6 Leather case is fairly easy. For the money, this case is really worth it. This case looks best in Red colour.


7) ESR Illustrators Flip Cover Folio Case for 4.7″ iPhone 6Best-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

I have to say it upright, this one is for the girls. The case by ESR Illustrators has patterns in the case which err… is mostly liked by the girls. Also, there are plenty of cases to choose from. How many? 32 to be exact. So, there is pattern and designs of all kind. These are some designs boys will love too. This case is certainly worth checking out.

As with any other flip cover case, this case can store your credit card or driver licence and much more. In addition to that, this case also has kick-stand feature which you are bound to love. Priced below $15,  this is one of the best iPhone 6 Flip Cover Wallet Cases you can buy.


8) Case Ace PU Leather Flip Design Case for iPhone 6Best-iPhone-6-Flip-Cover-Wallet-Cases

Case Ace PU Leather Case as its name suggests is made from PU leather. This case is available in four colours and these are the best iPhone 6 Flip Cover Wallet cases for under $10. This case though priced very low doesn’t feel cheap. It almost feels and looks like any other $15-$25 case.

Case Ace Flip Design case can be used in landscape mode for media consumption. This case has 1 slot to store your credit card. This case is specifically made for the iPhone 6 and has perfect cutouts for ports and buttons.


These are the best cases iPhone 6 Flip Cover Wallet cases you can buy today, i.e 2015. We update our posts regularly so be sure to check new cases out. We hope you liked at least one of the above listed cases. Thank you for reading this post. Hope it helped! If it didn’t, check out best cases for iPhone 6 by PCMag. Looking for a E-Book reader, you may want to check out Amazon Kindle Voyage. Want to complement iPhone 6? See if you should wait for Retina MacBook Air.


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