The availability of Samsung’s next flagships, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, is right at the corner. And both of these devices are already on highlights around the mass media. Following 5 unique features of the Galaxy S6 Edge is what makes this double-edged sword a total delight.5-unique-features-of-the-galaxy-s6-edge

Shallow Curve than Note Edge

One of the unique features of the Galaxy S6 Edge is its notable curvy edges. Unlike the introductory curved display of Note Edge, the curved version of Samsung Galaxy S6 has narrow curve on its both side. It made the curved edge of the Note Edge seem a little bit aggressive.5-unique-features-of-the-galaxy-s6-edge

Also the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is smaller in size than the much bigger Note Edge, hence is more comfortable on our pockets.

Lefty’s delight

Second on the list of ‘unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ is the two sided curved display. It is more user friendly than the one sided Note Edge. This feature makes it handy for left handed fellas out there.

Sim Card tray at the top

No doubt the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge appears sharper on its both sides because of the chubby screen feature. That did not leave much room for placing Sim card tray on either sides. Hence, the sim card holder is placed at the top of the device. The non curved version of Samsung Galaxy S6 has sim tray placed at the side as usual.5-unique-features-of-the-galaxy-s6-edge

Available in Emerald Green

Adding up to the line of unique features of the Galaxy S6 Edge is its additional color option availability. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is manufactured in 4 different colors and the Emerald Green looks more fresh and appealing on appearance. It appears blackish at darker lights and when the light hits it from perfect angle, it turns into a charming Green which makes the usual black, white and gold colors seem boring and blunt.5-unique-features-of-the-galaxy-s6-edge

The Fav Five

When the 8th version of Apple’s IOS was released, one of its remarkable feature was the bubbled display of top friend’s contact that appeared while double tapping the home button. Similar feature is here on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but on the sides. Five of your designated contacts will appear as bubble head on the corner.5-unique-features-of-the-galaxy-s6-edge

Both of the upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphones looks much more refreshing when compared to their usual plastic coated predecessors. Removable battery and Micro SD card slot is phased out from these devices. All eyes are set to April 10 for these smartphones to be released. Getting Samsung Galaxy S6? Check out these 10 Best Premium cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 here!

Image Courtesy: Cnet


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