Cleaning your house can be a drag. And if it were not for these wonderful inventions called vacuum cleaners, we’d still have to spend hours at a stretch cleaning our houses. Vacuum cleaners really have made cleaning easier and it saves us a lot of time as well. Vacuum Cleaners are wonderful and all, but shopping for one is another drag. There’s so much you need to know while buying one. The vacuum cleaner you would want depends on so many things, like the types of floors you have, the size of your house, your budget, etc. and there’s so many to choose from depending on the price, quality, power, noise-level, canister/upright, etc. Well, if you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner, but are confused and overwhelmed by the number of choices, here are the 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $300 (2016) . 

Good things don’t really have to be expensive, and so, 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $300 (2016) will reveal the best vacuum cleaners under the price of $300 for 2016. It contains random types of vacuum cleaners because there are just so many to choose from, and I want to include something for everyone.

1) Panasonic MC-CG917 “Opti-Flow” Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner

5-Best-Vacuum-Cleaners-under-$300-(2016)This is a Canister vacuum cleaner which ensures revolutionary cleaning for your home with it’s 12-amp awesome suction power as well as it’s “Opti-Flow” technology. It is the type of vacuum cleaner that contains a bag inside, which ensures effective removal of dust while emptying as the bag doesn’t let the dust flow back. Also, the bag is larger than most models, which makes it more practical for larger houses. The “Opti-Flow” feature offers consistent air flow even while the bag is getting full, so that you can get the same level of suction power until the bag is full.

This vacuum cleaner also has a built-in HEPA filter which facilitates easy suction of allergens and pollutants. This unit also solves the problem of pet hair, as it can easily pick up such mess with it’s Air Turbine brush. It also features many power settings for various purposes from cleaning hard floors to carpeted and rugged ones. In addition, it has a 24 ft. long power cord, so, it can extend and reach many places and corners easily. The only problem is that it’s size is a little more than compact and it is not very suitable for cleaning couches.

In addition, it offers very good maneuverability with it’s 360-degree rotating swivel and all of its switches are located in its handle, so, easy cleaning! You can get if for just above $200. View it here.


2) Dyson Ball Multi-floor upright Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

5-Best-Vacuum-Cleaners-under-$300-(2016)This is a cordless and upright vacuum cleaner for those who prefer these babies over canister vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuum cleaner are popular due to the fact that they are compact sized, easy to carry and there’s no need to worry about fiddly plugs or reaching into nooks and corners. This vacuum cleaner is just that. It’s got improved Radial Root Cyclone Technology with increased suction power, which means that it can gather the smallest of dust and dirt from your carpets or floors easily. The self-adjusting cleaner head adjusts automatically over various surfaces to clean effectively over almost all kinds of surfaces.

The device is also has a HEPA-filter feature, which makes it asthma / allergy friendly. The vacuum cleaner also rides on a ball which gives it more maneuverability and it steers easily into difficult places. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner, but even so, it empties from the bottom, and is very easy to clean. It’s built for reduced noise levels for convenience. You also get a ergonomic wand which can be used to clean drapes, upholstery or stairs easily.

It is available for less than $300. View it here.


3) Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner

5-Best-Vacuum-Cleaners-under-$300-(2016)If you’re looking for some serious versatility, then, this is the stuff. The Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away is the master of versatility, i.e it comes with so many accessories and attachments that it guarantees you’ll have the right kind of tool or brush to any cleaning job. This is a canister / bag less vacuum cleaner, so, it’s sure to have a very compact size and has got a very intuitive design. It is suitable for cleaning most of the surfaces, and it easily cleans pet hairs, sawdust, pins, etc. And with it’s versatile features, you’ll surely get the right tool for the job.

In addition, the Shark Rotator Pro is also HEPA certified, which ensures safety from allergens. It also features enhanced swivel steering with deep carpet cleaning. It’s also really powerful, as it can even suck up bobby pins and small nuts and bolts. It also comes with a wand option for cleaning ceilings and drapes in addition to all the extra tools.

It’s really a great offer as you are getting all the useful extra tools and a powerful vacuum cleaner for a very less price. Get in now, here.


4) Soniclean Bare Floor Pro Canister Vacuum Cleaner

5-Best-Vacuum-Cleaners-under-$300-(2016)The Soniclean Bare Floor Pro might suggest that it’s suitable only for bare floors but it can pretty much clean most of the floors in your house including carpets, and couches, etc. With German technology and design, it’s got a sturdy build and has very powerful suction to clean effortlessly. It’s powerful 1150 watt speed motor is capable of cleaning off dirt, dust, food particles, pet hair, bolts, and screws form deep-pile carpets too, but has ultra-quiet operation. It’s a canister vacuum, so disposing the collected dust is also very easy.

Additionally, it’s got a 31-foot cable for maximum reach, and the 360-degree hose rotation can mean very easy cleaning. With it’s automatic cord rewind, it’s also very easy to put away after cleaning and it’s lightweight canister makes it easy to carry too. Also features the sealed HEPA filtration system making it house friendly. It also comes with many small necessary tools for effective cleaning of all kinds of surfaces.

It’s price has been reduced to just $300, and if you’re looking for a canister vacuum cleaner with high suction power, this is the way to go. View it here.


5) Electrolux Ultra Silencer Canister Vacuum Cleaner

5-Best-Vacuum-Cleaners-under-$300-(2016)This vacuum cleaner is on the affordable side of things. It costs less than $200, so, if you’re looking for something which is very functional but costs less, this can be the one. This is a canister vacuum cleaner, but with it’s large wheels, it is also very portable around the house while cleaning. It can easily transit between the different types of floors like carpet, or tiles, or hardwood, etc. so, no need to worry about the type of floor you have. It’s speed is at your disposal to control, and it’s telescopic wand and extra tools help you clean most of your house surfaces effortlessly.

The best thing is that it’s ultra-silencer feature, which gives only about 60 dBA of sound, which is low enough not to wake your babies, and even to watch your favorite shows while cleaning. It’s also  lightweight for easy storage and portability, and the power it offers is good enough for cleaning your home regularly. It’s capable of cleaning pet hairs, and food particles off carpets easily as well.

It’s one of the best vacuum cleaners for budget-oriented people. View it here.


So, these were the 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $300 (2016) to look out for this year. I haven’t included the really affordable options but there are some vacuum cleaners you can get for less than $100. You can even get high-end robotic vacuum cleaners but they cost a hell lot. So, thanks for reading, and keep with us for more such information.


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