There’s a new kid in the block and the new kid is no other than the all Huawei Honor 8. We are sure that you have heard about this phone somewhere in the web. What Marquees Brownlee says certainly holds true here: “Good smartphones are getting cheaper and cheap smartphones are getting better!” 

The Huawei Honor 8 is a beauty to look at! Not only does the Huawei Honor 8 look good, it is also just as much good when it comes to performance! But that doesn’t mean that the Honor 8 will be able to withstand some beating. Since this phone is glass both back and front, if you drop it, chances are you will break it!

1) SLEO Huawei Honor 8 Premium Leather Wallet Case 5-best-premium-huawei-honor-8-cases

The Huawei Honor 8 has been out for a while and there are a lot of good cases to choose from. Like this one for example. The SLEO Huawei Honor 8 case not only looks premium but is also functional. The one pictured above is black edition of the case. You can also get this case in leather brown and in red colour.

We think this case looks particularly good in red colour. As you’d expect, this case can in-house credit cards and ID cards all at once. The best thing about this case has to be its price. We put in this list of 5 Best Premium Huawei Honor 8 Cases as it is priced well under $10. And at thar price point, this phone is a steal!

View this Flip Cover Leather Case here>>

2) Ultra Thin iVolver Honor 8 Transparent Case5-best-premium-huawei-honor-8-cases

Well, we wouldn’t call this case premium by any means. But it surely will make your phone stand out as it will look as though it doesn’t have any case attached to it at all!

This ultra thin iVolver Huawei Honor 8 is a transparent case with thickened edges to make it more resistant to shocks and protect the phone in case of a drop. This premium transparent case is built really well and won’t smudge as badly as other cheap transparent cases. This case is the best one you can get in this list of 5 Best Premium Huawei Honor 8 Cases if you want to showcase the beauty of the Honor 8. Also as of now, you can get this case for as low as $8. 

Check out this Transparent Case for Honor 8 here>>

3) Vinve Ultra Slim Premium Case for Huawei Honor 85-best-premium-huawei-honor-8-cases

This Huawei Honor 8 case is slim, looks premium and has a really cool trick under its sleeve. For starters, the ring that can be seen at the back of this case lets you use the phone as a kickstand. This case is perfect for those who are watching movies, gaming and showcasing their phones to people all the time.

The Vinve Huawei Honor 8 case comes in whooping 7 colours and also costs under $10. For the price, if you are looking for a slim case, this is as good as it gets. Get it while the prices are so low!

Check out this Slim Huawei Honor 8 Case here>>

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4) FRD-AL10 Huawei Honor 8 Premium Case5-best-premium-huawei-honor-8-cases

Let’s face it! Not all premium cases are worth your money. But this one certainly it! This FRD-AL10 Huawei Honor 8 Premium case costs under $15 and the quality of this product is second to none. The case is slim yet rigid and has a design which is very minimal. Also, this case doesn’t add any kind of bulk to the phone.

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This Frd-Al10 case for the Huawei Honor 8 comes in 8 exciting colours. The case has a soft feel to it. Also, all the ports and button cut-outs are placed exactly where they need to be. All in all, this is one of the best case and my personal favourite in this list of 5 Best Premium Huawei Honor 8 Cases.

Get this Slim Case for Honor 8 here>>

5) Vine Huawei Honor 8 Tempered Glass Screen Protector5-best-premium-huawei-honor-8-cases

Let’s face it! Not everyone is fond of big bulky cases. At least, I am not! I mostly prefer my phone naked. If you happen to be like me, chances are you are going to go for a screen protector. We recommend you to get this Huawei Honor 8 tempered glass screen protector. Not only will this tempered glass protect your phone from scratches but will also protect the phone in case of a drop.

This Vine Huawei Honor 8 Tempered Glass makes sure that the phone is secure and there is no drop in responsiveness of your phone. You can get this tempered glass for Honor 8 for as low as $5 at the moment!

Check out this Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Honor 8 here>>

These were the 5 Best Premium Huawei Honor 8 Cases you can get right away. New cases are coming out everyday for the Honor 8. As we get news about the new cases for Honor 8, we will make sure to update this list of 5 Best Premium Huawei Honor 8 Cases.


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