OnePlus: a brand that’s taking the smartphone market by storm with its signature: big specs, small price!! OnePlus 3: A $400 smartphone that gives you overkill features. It’s got the latest Snapdragon 820 Soc combined with 6 GB RAM, which makes for a superfast performance and super-smooth multi-tasking. The phone has 64 GB non-expandable storage with dual SIM slot. The camera is 16 MP rear which is just over average but the best thing is that you can record 4K videos with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), a luxury even the Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t have! The design of the phone has been changed to an all-metal unibody which kind of looks like a cross between HTC and iPhone. 

The battery is lesser than that of its predecessor (3000 mAh), but it’s got the new Dash-Charge technology, which charges your phone superfast: 60% in 30 minutes!! What else can you want for such a nice price? Well, body of the phone is super-smooth but sure, you wouldn’t want even the smallest dents or scratches in it. would you? So, check out the 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3. Here are the 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3:

1) Asmart Premium PU Leather Flip Cover Case for OnePlus 3

5-Best-Premium-Cases-for-OnePlus-3Leather Cases make up for their lack of toughness with their premium look and feel, and that’s exactly what we’ve got in no,1 of 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3. This case is made out of premium quality PU leather with TPU shell inside that holds your phone securely as well as protects it from scratches and mid-level impacts. The outer body gives you good touch feeling in your hands and is very comfortable to hold. The flip cover can be used as a kickstand with multiple view angles as well.

It’s available in three different colors, but the brown gives you the best leather look than any other. Check it out here.

OnePlus 3 Premium Case

2) REDShield Slim Flexible Anti-shock Soft Case for OnePlus 3

5-Best-Premium-Cases-for-OnePlus-3If you’re anything like me, then, the metal design of the new OnePlus 3 might not appeal to you. So, a good case that takes you to the former dark colors is a good idea. This dark case is made out of TPU material which is soft enough for easy handling and comfortable touch feel while it can also protect your phone against impacts and drops by absorbing shock. It’s matte sides provide more grip as well and with it’s vibrant design, it also enhances the phone’s look.


It’s also available in a translucent color version as well. View them here.

OnePlus 3 Premium Case

3) Pleson Ultra-Slim Crystal Clear Case for OnePlus 3

5-Best-Premium-Cases-for-OnePlus-35-Best-Premium-Cases-for-OnePlus-3If you actually like the all-metal unibody of the phone, then you might want something to show off the cool design. So, this is what we have on 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3. A soft, flexible and lightweight crystal case that’s great for exhibiting the original design! The case is made out of TPU material which is effective protection against scratches and impacts as well. The case is also very comfortable to hold and keeps your phone slim with it’s minimal bulk.

If you like the OnePlus 3 phone and want to carry naked but like to play it safe, you may want to look at this case. This case is my personal favourite from the list of cases 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3 in here.

OnePlus 3 Premium Case

4) TopAce Super Frosted Hard Cover Case for OnePlus 3

5-Best-Premium-Cases-for-OnePlus-3If you are an enthusiast for hard case covers, we’ve got one for your OnePlus 3. This case is made out of high quality hard PC and plastic material that make it tough enough to resist falls and scratches very effectively. It is also a good choice to withstand your everyday abuse. The super frosted matte back cover makes for the good touch feeling along with a very good grip and comfortable handling.

It is available in five different colors to choose from. Have a look here:

OnePlus 3 Premium Case

5) IVSO Hybrid Armor Case for OnePlus 3

5-Best-Premium-Cases-for-OnePlus-3Lastly, in the list of 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3, this is something you’d want for the “active” lifestyle, i.e. if you travel a lot and your phone faces much hazards and abuse. This one is a dual layered case with inner TPU material and outer hard PC, together which make for a solid armor against any kind of bumps, impacts or scratches. The case might be a little bulky, but it is very good protection for your phone and also has a comfortable grip on your hands. The case also features a kickstand for easy hands-free media watching.

It is available in four different colors to choose from. Check them out here.

OnePlus 3 Premium Case

So, these are the 5 Best Premium Cases for OnePlus 3 right now.We’ll be sure to update if anything new becomes available. Thanks for reading and keep with us for more such information and news.


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