The Samsung Galaxy S7 is quite a smartphone with all the makings of a brilliant smartphone. With the expandable storage option being back, it’s also got a bigger battery. However, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is so many features that the 3000 mAh battery still doesn’t pack enough juice for the Galaxy S7 to last more than a day! So, a power bank is a very good option as an accessory for your Samsung Galaxy S7. But with so many power banks out there, it might be difficult to decide which one to get. So, let’s have a look at the 5 Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S7. Take a look, and it might be one of the best accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S7 yet.

Here are the 5 Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S7:

1) Qi 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad Power Bank

5-Best-Power-Banks-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Okay, since the Samsung Galaxy S7 has Wireless Charging, won’t it be just great to have a Wireless Charging Power Bank? So, to kick-off this list of 5 Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S7, here it is: this 2-in-1 Power Bank, which supports Wireless as well as USB Charging. It is highly portable, so you can just place it on your lap and charge your phone on it! It’s capacity is of 12000 mAh, which can be enough to charge your phone upto 2.5 charges. Of course, it supports other devices as well and it is also good for all the smartphones which have Qi Wireless Charging. It features a backlit LED display which indicates the battery level.

It has 2 USB ports besides the Wireless Charging Support. Also, available in two colors. View it here.


2) MaxOak 6-Port 50000 mAh Portable Power Bank

5-Best-Power-Banks-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7This, here, might seem a little too far out there, but since the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a 3000 mAh battery, you might need a little more power. So, this power bank can give you what you want, IF, you’re a power user and tend to stay out for long. It has 50000 mAh of power, and is designed to charge laptops and tablets, but it is also suitable for smartphones, more so, for those with high battery capacity. It has 6 different ports for laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, etc. It is small-sized for the power it has, and is also portable. Features 4 LED indicators to show battery life.

It doesn’t come cheap, though and costs over $100. View it here.


3) Anker PowerCore + Premium Quick Charge Power Bank

5-Best-Power-Banks-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Talking about high-capacity power banks, this one falls in the category but is specifically for smartphones only. With it’s Quick Charge 2.0 feature, it charges  smartphones 75% faster and it’s Quick Charge 3.0 Wall-Charger, it itself charges two times faster than the average power banks. It yields upto 26800 mAh of power which is capable if charging your Samsung Galaxy S7 over 6 times. Has three USB ports, so, you can simultaneously charge three devices from it.

It costs just over $70. Check it out here.


4) Anker Astro E5 Power Bank with Power IQ Technology

5-Best-Power-Banks-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7Anker keeps popping up in this list of 5 Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S7 as it is one of the best power banks manufacturers you can find. And so, this power bank comes with Exclusive PowerIQ Technology, which detects the type of your device, and deliver the fastest charge speed possible.  It features enormous capacity, i.e 16000 mAh, which is capable of charging your Samsung Galaxy S7 over 5 times. It features High-Quality Battery Cells, that ensure durability and safety. It also has LED-indicators as power meter.

It is available in two different colors, is super compact and highly portable. View it here.


5) BasAcc Digital LED Display Power Bank

5-Best-Power-Banks-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S7This power bank is not as high capacity as the others in this list of 5 Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S7, but it is in this list for it’s affordable price and it’s intelligent display features. It yields 10000 mAh capacity, which can charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 2 times over, and it also gives super fast charge. It supports Intelligent Power Management which detects the input current and output voltage, which can protect against short-circuit and over voltage. It features intelligent digital LED display, which shows the battery level, and time and also gives low power warning.

Highly portable and lightweight. Costs less than $30. Check it out here.


So, these were the 5 Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy S7. Thanks for reading and keep with us for more such news and information. There are no specific power banks for the Galaxy S7 and these are the ones that would be the best for your Samsung Galaxy S7.


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