One tool you use the most when you are on your computer is the mouse. Small and often overlooked, a good mouse can boost your productivity by quite a margin. While most of us get away with a mouse that costs just a few dollars (because they just work), you can get a lot more features and convenience if you invest a little more money in your mice.

Black Friday 2015 is almost here and you will get really good deals on mice. If you are looking for mice for Productivity, you have come to the right place. Here are the 5 Best Mice for Productivity: Black Friday 2015.

1) Logitech MX Performance Wireless MouseBest-Mice-for-Productivity

Logitech MX Performance is the successor of wildly popular Logitech MX Revolution. Logitech MX Performance came out in 2009 and has been going on strong till date. This is the best performance mouse (as its name suggests) you can get as of today. It has 12 customizable buttons and is very good when it comes to ergonomics. This is a wireless mouse which requires Logitech unifier (which comes in the box) and the battery lasts for a month.

Logitech MX Performance is larger than your average mouse but when you get used to it, there’s no way you are going to go back. While many retailers sell it for around $100, you can grab it for under $50 at Amazon at the moment.

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2) Logitech MX Master Wireless MouseBest-Mice-for-Productivity

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse is the successor to the Logitech MX Performance and is the best mice for productivity you can buy right now. This mouse receives 2nd place and not 1st place because it is not $50 better than the Logitech Performance MX. As of now, this mouse costs $100 almost everywhere. But if money is no problem to you, this mouse is the way to go.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse runs on both Logitech Unifying Dongle 2.4GHz as well as Bluetooth. As such, you can connect this mouse to 3 computers at once. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse not only looks good but performs really well too.

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3) Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable

We have yet another Logitech mouse in this list of 5 Best Mice for Productivity: Black Friday 2015 and this one is not even advertised as a productivity mouse rather a gaming mouse. Still, we put this mouse in this list of productivity mice because it is extremely comfortable to use and has loads of customizable buttons.

One thing that may push you away from this mouse is the fact that it doesn’t have any wireless capabilities. Other than that, this mouse is extremely precise and really fun to use.


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4) Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth MouseBest-Mice-for-Productivity

Let me say it out aloud, this is the best Bluetooth Mouse you can buy for less than $25. Made by Microsoft, this mouse is extremely comfortable to use and very ergonomic. The battery of this mouse also lasts for a month. Though, through heavy usage, you will get a little less mileage.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse is one of those mice you can use all day long and not have a sore hand. A highly recommended mouse it is!


5) Microsoft Arc Touch MouseBest-Mice-for-Productivity

If you have been following Microsoft accessories for some time, we are pretty sure that you have come across this awesome mouse at least once or twice. What makes this mouse so cool is the fact that you can flick it to turn it on and flatten it to turn it off. With this feature, you can easily take this mouse with you wherever you go. The Microsoft Arc mouse is extremely compact and very portable. This is the best mouse you can buy if portability and performance is your requirement.

What’s more? You can also get the Bluetooth edition of this mouse. It costs $10 more than the mouse listed here but if you have limited USB ports in your laptop/desktop or tablet, Bluetooth edition of Microsoft Arch Touch Mouse is the way to go.

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These are the 5 Best Mice for Productivity you can buy right now. All of these mice cost less than $100. In fact, you can grab them for less than $50. For just $45 at Amazon, we highly recommend you to try out the Logitech MX Performance which I use on day-to-day basis. Thanks for reading this post. Stay tuned and stay updated at We also have this list of best cases for LG V10 here.


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