The Nextbit Robin is the new guy in town. It’s a new smartphone, by a brand new phone-maker, but it already knows how to get other’s attention! The Nextbit Robin is a midranger Android smartphone, but it’s got a fresh design and it offers pretty cool storage options. The phone’s 5.2″ big with a QHD display. It’s sporting 3 GB RAM with a Snapdragon 808 processor. With a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front shooter, it can fit in with the best of the mid-range smartphones in the market. 

But, what is the head turner? It’s cloud based storage. It offers 32 GB of internal storage in itself but you can get upto 100 GB of cloud storage with it, the phone automatically manages the storage in it. It will archive all the things you haven’t used in a while but you can get it back whenever you want it. You can easily access your cloud contents and be free from a microSD hassles. It can be a very good phone to have, and it you want it, it’s also a good idea to look at some cases for it, isn’t it? Take a look at the 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin. Check out the 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin here:

1) Nextbit Slim Bump Case for Nextbit Robin

5-Best-Cases-for-Nextbit-RobinKicking off the list of 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin is the official case by Nextbit itself. This case is constructed out of tough plastic material which is capable of providing medium level protection against impacts. It’s easy to snap on and it’s bump texture (perforations on the surface) makes for an easier grip, though not so much of a premium feel. The perforations allow the “cloud lights” on the phone to shine through, which is quite useful.

It comes in various colors and styles to choose from. Adorn your Nextbit Robin with an official Nextbit case. View it here.


2) Orzly Fusion Bumper Case Cover for Nextbit Robin

5-Best-Cases-for-Nextbit-RobinThe Nextbit Robin is such a smartphone that will somewhat require clear back panels. So, here’s a good protective case with a fully transparent back which will also flaunt your phone’s great design. The clear back panel is made out of hard plastic that resists impacts easily and the rubber rim / edges give it a good grip and shock absorption around the corners. The rim is also slightly raised to protect the screen from scratches and scuffs while laying face-down.

It also looks very stylish with the combo of hard & clear back with soft bumpers. Available in various colors to choose from. View it here.


3) fitBAG Groove Gold Nappa Foil Leather Pouch for Nextbit Robin

5-Best-Cases-for-Nextbit-RobinSometimes, a case on a smartphone just won’t do and even sleeves for phones can look much more cooler and classier. So, here’s sleeve for your Nextbit Robin. It’s made out of Nappa Foil leather and is handsewn to perfectly fir the phone without any cases on. The texture is very fine lambskin leather foiled in crashed look for showing off some classy look! And the integrate microfiber interior prevents scratches from the inside and also can clean the phone.

It is available in various designs and colors to choose from. Check them out here.


4) Fosmon Technology Dura-T Ultra Slim Clear Case for Nextbit Robin

5-Best-Cases-for-Nextbit-RobinNext up, on the list of 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin is this soft TPU Gel case cover. If you want something grippy and easy-to-put-on  case, this is the way to go. It is constructed of TPU material, that absorbs shocks and provides good protection for your phone. The flexible surface also gives good grip as well, while it also makes it thin and lightweight. The raised bezels prevent scratches on-screen while face-down.

Show off your phone with this clear soft gel case. Choose from three different colors. View it here.


5) EnvyDeal Wallet  Case for Nextbit Robin (Women)

5-Best-Cases-for-Nextbit-RobinLast, but not the least on 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin is this wallet case exclusively designed for women. This wallet case is a great way to store your phone and all the other accessories with it easily. It is constructed of synthetic material and is pretty durable. It has 3 card slots & a coin pocket for easy storage of your things and a wristlet for easy carry as well. Everything inside is held fast with a snap button and a zipper.

This is practically a mini hangbag for women for their phones. Available in many different colors to choose from. View them here.


These were the 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin, for now. Thanks for reading and stay with us for more updates on this case as more good cases come out. As new phone cases comes out, we will update this list of 5 Best Cases for Nextbit Robin.


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