If you look around well enough, you can easily find many good smartphones in the other side of the market, i.e. the budget side of the smart phone world. Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. have always been the leading ones but there are some smaller ones too. BLU is one of them and it makes good phones for low-cost. The BLU Energy X is no exception. It is the latest of the Energy line and it is a low-spec device with a huge battery. For just $109, it features a 4000 mAh battery which will last you easily for two days, in the least. Well, this is a very good budget phone and if you have it, or want to buy it, you should also look at some cases to go along with your BLU Energy X. So, here are the 5 Best BLU Energy X Cases and Covers you can buy today!

1) Abacus 24-7 Leather Wallet Flip Case for BLU Energy X

5-Best-BLU-Energy-X-Cases-and-CoversThis is a very cool wallet case designed specifically for the BLU Energy X, made up of very high quality synthetic leather. As it has two layers: inner PC and outer leather, it can offer good protection against medium level impacts, drops and scratches. It is a wallet case, so, it includes the standard wallet feature with a sleeve for storing cash and 3 slots for storing credit cards, IDs, etc. The case can also be adjusted to a foldable stand for easy hands free viewing. Everything is kept in place by a magnetic strap lock.

The black color gives it a genuine leather look and also gives it good touch feeling. View it here.


2) New Frontier Wireless Accessory Premium Rugged Heavy Duty Case for BLU Energy X

5-Best-BLU-Energy-X-Cases-and-CoversThis attractive looking case for BLU Energy X is all about protecting your precious phone and so, this rugged case offers some heavy duty protection. It has two layers: an inner silicone skin with a hard TPU snap-on outer for maximum protection against drops, impacts, scratches and bumps. The case also has beveled edges to protect the screen while laying flat. It also features a kickstand that offers two viewing angles for easy hands free viewing.

With its rugged look, it’s also stylish and it is available in various attractive colors. View it here.


3) Skinomi Tech-skin Screen Protector + Carbon Fiber Body Skin for BLU Energy X

5-Best-BLU-Energy-X-Cases-and-CoversThis is one of the best combo protection your BLU Energy X can get! The skin and screen protector duo is designed to be perfectly compatible with the Energy X and it provides easy installation, lightweight construction and lasting protection. The carbon fiber gives your phone a very hi-tech look and comfortable feel while protecting from mid-level bumps, impacts and scratches. Also, the screen protector protects the screen from falls and high level impacts, for an all-round protection.

The combo is also very affordable. View it here.


4) JLTL Flip Cover Wallet Leather Pouch for BLU Energy X

5-Best-BLU-Energy-X-Cases-and-CoversThis is a wallet feature pouch for the BLU Energy X. It is made up of high quality leather material and it offers a good phone storage place when you need to keep your phone away from your pocket. The pouch features a main sleeve for holding the phone, a place to store cash and slots for holding cards. The inside is designed not to scratch the inner surface of the phone and it is resistant to mid level impacts and drops as well.

The front cover also features attractive designs, adding to the style of the case. View it here.


5) Sparin Tempered Glass Anti-Glare Screen Protector for BLU Energy X

5-Best-BLU-Energy-X-Cases-and-CoversThis is one of the best protection you’ll find for your phone’s screen and it has been specifically designed for the BLU Energy X. The Tempered glass screen protector is rated 9H Hardness and it claims to be explosion proof and its High Definition Clarity offers 99% light transmittable which preserves the original screen brightness and colors. The surface is also utlra-touch sensitive, so, there’ll be no problems with the touch function and it is also layered with a special coating to resist oil, dust, fingerprints, etc.

It is an easy-installation accessory and can be a very good complement to your BLU Energy X. View it here.


So, this was the 5 Best BLU Energy X Cases and Covers . Thanks for reading, and stay with us for more such information and news. 


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