The iPhone 6S has proved something to be of a prodigy in the smart phone world. With improved speeds everywhere (faster processor, quicker Touch ID, faster charging, etc.), better cameras, stronger construction & body, and the new 3D Force Touch , the iPhone 6S has taken the competition to high gear. The new iPhone 7 is supposed to be launching soon, and will it get any better than this? Can’t say but with the new iPhone launching, the price of the 6S is sure to go down, which will be a good time to buy it! It is a very premium phone, and so, everything about it should be premium. If you plan to get or you already do, check out these premium cases for your iPhone 6S for 2016 in 5 Best 2016 Premium iPhone 6S Cases.

Well, here are the 5 Best 2016 Premium iPhone 6S Cases. Take a look at the best companions for your iPhone 6S.

1) CM4 Genuine Leather Ultra-Slim Q Card Case for iPhone 6S

5-Best-2016-Premium-iPhone-6S-CasesThis very stylish leather case is the way to go premium for your iPhone 6S. Nothing says “classy” as much as a leather case and with this kind of style, you can’t go wrong. The material is genuine leather and the inner frame is durable enough to protect your iPhone from damages and scratches. It can also fit in 3 cards easily plus cash as well. It’s lay-flat screen guard provides your screen the ultimate protection. The exclusive rubber and leather design give a good luxurious touch feeling. What can be more premium than that?

It costs a little more than other normal cases out there, but this is something that screams “premium”! Also available in various attractive colors. View it here.


2) Lifeproof FRE Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S

5-Best-2016-Premium-iPhone-6S-CasesThis armor case has made it in this list of 5 Best 2016 Premium iPhone 6S Cases due to its premium protection for the iPhone 6S. The sporty look is very attractive as well as it suits the iPhone 6S. The case provides heavy-duty protection against almost all types of damages. It is water-proof and snow-proof, i.e fully submersible in water upto 6 meters and sealed from dust, dirt and snow. With shock proof and built-in scratch protector, there’s really not much that can damage your phone with this case on!

Lifeproof always makes premium protection for phones. It is available in a wide range of color choices. View it here.


3) Spigen Tough Armor Protection Case for iPhone 6S

5-Best-2016-Premium-iPhone-6S-CasesIf you are into sporty looking cases for your iPhone, then you can’t go more premium than this! A premium tough armor case with a sporty and tough look. This case features dual layer shock-absorbing TPU and tough polycarbonate construction with Air Cushion technology for intense fortification against drops & impacts, not to mention scratches. Also has raised lips for screen protection and it features an attractive Apple logo – the one you so want to show off!


It is available in a wide range of colors and designs for different types of phones. View them here.


4) Obliq Roybens Luxury Metal Bumper Mirror Case for iPhone 6S

5-Best-2016-Premium-iPhone-6S-CasesNext on this list of 5 Best 2016 Premium iPhone 6S Cases is this luxury metal bumper case with mirror finish that will definitely give your case the premium glow. The metal bumper is aluminum which makes it light and slim yet durable enough to protect it against damages. The mirror finish is the best thing about this, which just makes it look awesome! Also, it comes with a Tempered Glass HD screen protector with max. Touchscreen Accuracy. The comfortable and sleek design provides full protection without adding bulk.

It is also available in a wide range of colors but the silver one is just so much appealing. View it here.


5) Verus Crystal Bumper Slim Fit Clear Case for iPhone 6S

5-Best-2016-Premium-iPhone-6S-CasesWant to show off your dazzling iPhone 6S? Then go with this crystal clear drop protection case for the iPhone 6S. This is great for those who don’t want to compromise the original looks of the iPhone but need good protection at the same time. This case is made out of a combination of high-grade TPU and PC material to shield from damages and impacts effectively while the transparent back shows off the iPhone. A full show-off of your phone without compromising its protection.


Fully complements the iPhone 6S design and looks and is available in many attractive colors to choose from. View them here.


So, these  were  the best premium cases for your 6S to look out for in 2016 in 5 Best 2016 Premium iPhone 6S Cases. Thanks for reading and keep with us for more such information and news.


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