The same question? Again? We know this question has been asked 100s and 100s of time. People are afraid to buy the base model MacBook Air because it only comes with 4GB of RAM. People fear that 4GB of RAM isn’t going to be sufficient in 2014 especially when MacBook Pro 13 with Retina Display now ships with 8GB of RAM as standard.4GB-RAM-enough-for-macbook-air-2014

People who think 4GB is less than adequate should ask one question to themself. If 4GB of RAM wasn’t enough, why would Apple take the risk of producing it in mass? 4GB isn’t enough for everyone but is for majority of the people out there, it’s a lot!

MacBook Air 2014 with 4GB of RAM and Core-i5 processor is more than capable than just word processing, video streaming and surfing web. You can’t literally run Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro CS6 in this machine. I am not making this up. I am doing this for more than 6 months without any problem. Yes, with the pro, you can do these thing much faster but it is not like the differences are night and day.

4GB-RAM-enough-for-macbook-air-2014MacBook Air with 4 GB can multi-task without any hiccups or lag. 4GB of RAM in Mac isn’t the same as 4GB of RAM in a Windows machine. Mac is much less resource hungry. The OS itself will use as less resource as possible. That is also one of the reasons why you get such great battery in MacBook Air. Opening couple of tens of Safari tabs isn’t going to make you run out of memory. In fact, running 10s of Safari Tabs and hardcore word processing wasn’t able to slow me down.

Don’t believe me? You can always visit your local Apple store and give it a try. Still, if money is no problem to you, go ahead and upgrade your MacBook Air to 8GB. You will be future proofing your purchase.


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