For those who want everything lavish and extraordinary than others, owning Golden accessories has been their first preference. When it comes to smartphone, getting them gold plated is what some of those wealthy people desire. For those limited users, Karalux has bought 24K Golden Galaxy S6 for additional $400.24k-golden-galaxy-s6-for-additional-400Karalux is a Vietnam based gold plating company that has gold plated and brought 24K Golden Galaxy S6 for additional $400. It is a great collector’s edition for those with too much of cash or who chase the ‘bling ring’ dream. The firm has specialization in gold plating smartphones, super cars and accessories. From small accessories to Rolls Royce, Karalux does it right when it comes to gold plating.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge both were gold plated by Karalux engineers within the matter of three hours. Although it seems not so time consuming to plate them golden, they claim that the whole process has to go through 10 different levels.  Both of the latest flagships of the Korean Manufacturers seemed eye catching after the gold plating.24k-golden-galaxy-s6-for-additional-400

The smartphones have one extra nano layer in order to not let the gold layer corrode. Please note that, only the metallic parts are getting the gold plating. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge features glass panels of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on both the screen and back panel of them. What exactly is getting gold plated is the metallic panels adjoining both of them and the metal rim around the camera border.24k-golden-galaxy-s6-for-additional-400

On the top of its original pricing of $685, you can get 24K Golden Galaxy S6 for additional $400 (8M Vietnamese Dollars) which means you can get your Golden Samsung Galaxy S6 starting from approximately $1085. Additionally, you’ll get free FedEx shipping with its purchase.

We had no choice but to agree that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its edgy sibling looked stunning after the golden dressing. So much so that it made Apple’s gold finished i-phones look not so fancy. Seems like 24K Golden Galaxy S6 for additional $400 will be a worthy product to consumers for all day long playful experience. Its phones like these that looks great in hand rather than the pocket.

Source: GSM Arena


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