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2015 iPod Touch goes official!

It’s been quite a while and it looks like Apple is finally bringing out the new iPods. The last refresh for the iPods was back in 2012 so ya it really has been quite a while.2015-iPod-TouchUnlike the iPhone, iPad and Mac releases, there isn’t a dedicated event for the launch of the 2015 iPad Touch, 2015 iPod Nano and 2015 iPod Shuffle. The products that are unveiled today are:

  • 2015 iPod Touch
    • 16GB for $199
    • 32GB for $249
    • 64GB for $299
    • 128GB for $399
  • 2015 iPod Shuffle
    • 2GB for $50
  • 2015 iPod Nano
    • $149 for 16GB

Only the iPod Touch 2015 gets the hardware update. The 2015 iPod Touch comes in 6 colours including gold and space gray. Now to this model is option to opt in for 128GB iPod. The top end iPod Touch 2015 comes whooping 128GB storage and will cost you $399.

The 6th generation iPod Touch also gets the 64-bit A8 chip used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In addition to that, there is also an improved higher resolution 8MP iSight Camera. The iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano only get new colour options and nothing more.


We would have loved to see the iPod Shuffle get Bluetooth technology and maybe a 4GB model. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

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Source: 9to5Mac||Apple