LG G2 even after a year is a fantastic phone. With its 5.2″ Full HD screen and Snapdragon 800 CPU, this thing is still a best. LG G2  along with the Nexus 5 is what helped LG re-climb the success in mobile industry. LG G2’s ultra-slim bezel still today is the best we have so far. The screen of LG G2 is great. The phone is fast. The 13MP rear-facing camera performs impressively. One thing people don’t talk much about LG G2 but the feature I find best in LG G2 is its battery. Even today I use LG G2 because of its battery. I don’t know what LG G2 did with the phone, the 3000 mAh battery lasts forever!

Coming back to the point. This is the list of 10 Premium Looking Best LG G2 Cases you can buy today. The body to screen ratio is fantastic in this phone. The front of the phone is mostly screen. Dropping the phone will most probably end up badly especially if you drop it in the cemented floor. So, that is where phone cases come into play. These are the 10 Premium Looking Best LG G2 Cases we could find!

1)  Spigen LG G2 Slim Armor CaseBest-LG-G2-Cases

If you are looking for the best of Best LG G2 Cases, Spigen LG G2 Slim Armor Case is the case for you. I can’t recommend this case enough. I, personally have been using this case and this case has held pretty well. In fact, it is next to flawless. This case protects the phone really well. Made from two materials, a soft inner part and a hard outer shell, this case can withstand most of the drops.

Spigen LG G2 case is available in 6 exciting colours and costs less than $20. This case though not exactly slim isn’t bulky. With a screen protector, this case is no less than a otterbox case. Overall, I would rate this case 9/10.

View it here

2) OtterBox Commuter Series Case for LG G2 Best-LG-G2-Cases

Speaking of OtterBox case, this one is a monster. OtterBox Commuter Series for LG G2 is one of the Best LG G2 Cases we could find if you are solely looking for protection. Nothing protects better than a otterbox and I cannot disagree. This case though bulky works very well. Installing and removing this case is also very easy.

Available in 3 solid colours, this case is a take anywhere case. We would call this case cheap for Otterbox’s standard as it costs less than $25. If you don’t mind a little bulk this case adds, this case is our recommendation.

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3) TUDIA Ultra Slim TPU Protective Case for LG G2 Best-LG-G2-Cases

This one is a case for everyone. Tudia Ultra Slim Series TPU case for LG G2 is slim, fits well and is available in 4 premium colours. Made from TPU rubberized shell cover, this case can withstand major drops. The best thing about this case has to be its looks. This case looks and feels good.

Unlike other LG G2 cases, this case  adds very little bulk to the phone. The front lips of the phone case is raised giving extra protection to the screen. The other thing to be like about this case is its price. Currently, this case is available for less than $10.

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4)ULAK Dual Layered Rugged Hybrid Case Cover for LG G2Best-LG-G2-Cases

ULAK LG G2 case is another rugged case for the LG G2. This case is a dual layer case with the inner case made from silicone and the outer case made from hard polycarbonate material. The inner soft case absorbs shock reducing the impact significantly. In addition to that, the other hard polycarbonate shell makes sure that the impact is greatly reduced when dropped.

This rugged hybrid case from ULAK is available in  whooping 10 colours  and costs less than $10. Most of the customers who have bought this case are satisfied with what they have received. You may very well be the next satisfied customer!

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5) Abacus24-7 LG G2 Wallet Case with Credit Card SlotsBest-LG-G2-Cases

Flip cover cases are the safest bet you can try on. These cases add convenience and protection at the same time. With the front part of the screen closed, your screen is at less risk of being shattered. In addition to that, flip cover cases (most of them) have pockets to store ID cards and other important cards. Some of them even have pockets to store money.

Abacus 24-7 is an ideal flip-cover style case you can buy for LG G2. Made from PU leather, this case looks and feels premium. Also with this case you get a free screen-protector which is a great added bonus. You can also position your phone case as a stand for great media viewing experience. This case is available in 5 premium colours.

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6) Official LG G2 Quick Window Convenient Folio CaseBest-LG-G2-Cases

The best case for any phone is the case made by the manufacturer itself. The story isn’t much different here. Best LG G2 Cases includes one from Spigen and this case from LG itself. Just like Samsung’s S-View Cover, LG’s Quick Window cover has a window through which you can easily accept and reject call, change music and much more without actually opening the case!

Made for the LG G2, this case also enables auto wake/sleep feature. With the feature, you can lock and unlock your phone by just opening and closing the case. Even better, this case from LG is available in 7 premium colours and costs less than $30.

View the case here

7) GMYLE Wallet Case for LG G2 Best-LG-G2-Cases

GMYLE Wallet Case for LG G2 is the most premium case I have ever seen! his case just looks classic-good. Made from what the company calls “Vintage Synthetic Leather”, this case looks extra-ordinary. This case is available in 4 unique colours but we recommend you to go with black! It looks so much better.

Priced aggressively, this case has received a lot of 5 star ratings at Amazon. Also, you can use this case as a stand while watching a video or surfing the web. This case is available for less than $15.

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8) E LV LG G2 Case Cover with Premium Interior DesignBest-LG-G2-Cases

If you love funky cases, you can’t go wrong with this case. This case is available in 3 colours and looks really cool. Made from high quality synthetic leather, this case has pockets to store credit card and cash.

This case from E LV is specially designed for the LG G2 making installing and removing the case very easy. In addition to that, all the ports and buttons are also easily accessible. This case is available for less than $15.

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9) One Tough Shield  3-Layer Hybrid phone Case with Kick-Stand for LG G2 Best-LG-G2-Cases

LG G2 is a premium Android smart phone. It is feature packed and extremely powerful. But some people, especially the girls, like their phone cute and funky. If you are one of them, you ought to check out this case. Available in unbelievable 26 colours, this case has more colours and pattern to choose from than any other case. Not only do you get to choose the colour of the case, you can select from various included designs.

One unique feature of this case that many other cases lack has to be the inclusion of a kickstand. The integrated kickstand makes movie watching experience so much better. This case protects the phone well too!

View the case here!

10) PThink 0.3mm Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G2 Best-LG-G2-Cases

If you are like me who likes to keep their phone naked, this may be the ultimate solution for you. No, this is not a case but something that will save your phone from shattering. This is ordinary screen protector’s dad, the tempered glass screen protector. Made by PThink, this 0.3mm Ultra-Thin tempered glass will protect your phone from being scratched and at the same time help your screen from being shattered.

With this tempered glass screen protector, you will be getting a free cleaning cloth which will help in easy installation. Installing and removing this glass screen protector is relatively easy. Also, this glass screen protector doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the screen.

View the case here

These are the 10 Premium Looking Best LG G2 Cases you can buy today. We update our posts frequently. With time, we will also update best LG G2 cases article providing up-to-date information to the users. We expect that you liked our list. Thanks for reading our post.

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