Xbox One is here to stay for at least 4 years. With Black Friday coming up, we expect even more Xbox One to be sold. Today, Microsoft announced that 10 million Xbox One has been shipped till date. Sony, in the other hand, had reached this feat 3 months ago.10-million-Xbox-One-shipped

This is the best time to buy Xbox One. Microsoft is selling Xbox One for just $350 in Amazon.  Even better you get a copy of Assassin’s Creed for free. The bundle includes Xbox One, One controller and the game. It is the best deal around. $350 is not for a next-gen gaming console. Assassin’s Creed Bundle with Kinect will cost your $100 more.

The sales number of Xbox One increased immediately after it dropped $100 (sacrificing Kinect, though) from the original bundle. Xbox One is just as good as the PS4 and better in many ways. PS4 lets you play games. Xbox in the other hand is your total media solution.



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