Apart from Note 4, Samsung galaxy S6 is the only Samsung phone that made me reconsider getting a case. Samsung phones are usually ugly and putting a nice case makes it look much better. Not so with the Samsung Galaxy S6. With Gorilla Glass on both the front and back and metal bezel, Samsung Galaxy S6 is as premium as it gets. Here, we will look at the 10 best premium cases for Samsung Galaxy S6.

But doesn’t matter how good a phone looks, if you drop it, it will break. Samsung Galaxy S6 with glass on both sides, chances are you will crack the phone if you drop it. That is where phone cases come into play. With such premium phone, we have made a list of 10 Best Premium cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 which you are sure to love. Check them out down below!

1) Caseology Clear Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Premium-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6Samsung Galaxy S6 looks striking and putting on a case that hides its beauty just cannot be justified! If you think the same, Caseology Clear Samsung Galaxy S6 case is the case for you. This case comes in 4 exciting colours. The raised front lip protects the front screen from cracking when dropped.

Made from Hybrid TPU, this case is very durable and serves its purpose well. This Galaxy S6 case is made in Korea and costs less than $20.


2) Caseology Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

Premium-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6Another fantastic case from Caseology. This case is available in 5 colours with different colour pattern. This case is very easy to install and remove! Made especially for the Samsung Galaxy S6, this case has perfect cut-outs for heart-rate monitor, camera, and other ports.

Caseology Samsung Galaxy S6 case is available for pre-order and costs less than $20. This case protects both the front and back of the phone very well.


3) Spigen Neo Hybrid Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

Premium-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6Spigen is well-known for making great phone cases. This one is no different. To match the premium finish of the phone, Spigen has opted for metallic buttons which looks really beautiful. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 is slim and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone.

Currently, this case is available in 5 colours. This case somewhat reminds us of the backing of Samsung Galaxy S5. All in all, we have to admit, this is one of the best looking Samsung Galaxy S6 case you can buy right now.


4)Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S6 Case Bumper

Premium-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6Clear cases are on the rise at the moment! Spigen is not backing out either. This Spigen Ultra Hybrid Samsung Galaxy S6 Case Bumper has clear back panel which shows off the beauty of you new phone. This Spigen Case is available in 5 colours and the case really makes the phone look premium and stylish.

As with most of the other Spigen cases, this case comes with Air Cushion Technology which protects the phone from shattering if you drop the phone at its sides. Both the front and the back have a small lip which will protect the phone from being scratched. This case is available for less than $15.


5) Samsung Galaxy S6 case with Leather Grip

Premium-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6Admit it, most of the cases look the same. Doesn’t matter who is making it, they will all look-alike. Not so with this case from Salt of Earth. This case is very unique and you will have a hard time finding a case like this. This case is available in 5 colour: Black, Pink, White, Yellow and Navy Blue. This is one of the best premium cases for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Case with Leather Grip costs around $20. The button part of the case houses a leather grip which not only looks funky but works great too! Be sure to check this case out.


6) Obliq Galaxy S6 Premium Metal Hard Protective Case

Premium-Cases-for-Samsung-Galaxy-S6That’s a pretty long name for a case. Name aside, this case looks dead gorgeous. If Samsung Galaxy S6 had genetic looking body, this would be the first case I would put on the phone. Also, this case adds very little bulk to the phone. After putting this case on, the phone will still be under 10mm which is just great. This has to be one of the most premium cases for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Installing and removing this case is also very easy. As with most of the cases mentioned above, this case has perfect cut-outs for all ports and buttons. Unfortunately, this case is only available in only Titanium Colour.


7) OtterBox Commuter Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S6


When we talk about mobile cases, Otterbox cases is what comes first to our mind. OtterBox has been making mobile cases for so many years now. They make great cases too. Samsung Galaxy S6 Otterbox Commuter case isn’t the most premium case out there but it sure is rugged and durable.
If you are only looking for premium cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 , you might want to look at some other case. This case isn’t as ugly looking as OtterBox Defender Series case and is available in 6 exciting colours. The case will protect the phone from major drops. Also, the case has a built-in screen protector to protect the Gorilla Glass 4 on the front.


8) OtterBox Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S6


This is the daddy of all the cases out there. This is OtterBox’s flagship phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S6. This case costs a ton but in some ways is worth the money. Once you put the case on, you can stay assured that your phone will break in any way.

OtterBox Defender Series case is available in 6 different colours and some of the cases has interesting designs that you may be interested in. The reason why so many people choose the OtterBox case over other cases is the excellent after-sales customer support. 99% of the other phone cases manufacturers don’t just bother to listen to customers after they are done selling their product. With OtterBox case, you get 1-year warranty. Be sure to check this case out at Amazon. You may want to get yourself one copy!


9) Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear Protective Cover (Official)


Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear Protective Cover is the official case from Samsung. There are a lot of cases Samsung has to offer. The different cases are available in different colours too. The Clear Protective Cover is the one I like most. The case is transparent which doesn’t hide the beauty of this beast. Unlike other 3rd party ‘clear’ cases, this case doesn’t get scratched easily and is made from high-quality material.

As you would expect, this case costs a little more than 3-rd party manufactured cases but this case is certainly worth the money.


10) Samsung Galaxy S6 S-View Flip Cover


Samsung was the one to invent the Flip Cover for phones. They started making flip cover since Galaxy S3 made its debut in 2011. With the Galaxy S6, Samsung has made the most advanced S-View Cover ever. The case is also available in whooping 8 colours. You are sure to like at least one of these premium cases.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 S-View Flip Cover, you get a transparent window which you can interact with even with the case closed. You can accept or reject incoming calls and check notifications without having to open your phone. Plus, you can also fire up the camera app and take a photo with the ase closed. If you are looking to make the most out of a phone case, you should definately buy this case.


These are the best premium Samsung Galaxy S6 cases you can buy right. In weeks to come, we will surely get some more premium cases, so stay tuned for that. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the hottest phone you can get right now.

There are alternatives of Samsung Galaxy S6, though. You can look for LG G Flex 2 as well as HTC One M9 if Samsung is not your cup of tea.  Thanks for reading this post.
Update: Samsung Galaxy S6 is now available through all major carrier of U.S. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile are all offering Samsung Galaxy S6!
If you want to know the specs of Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6, do click here. Also, read CNet’s review here.


  1. I have gone thru 4 S view cases (2 fir me and 2 for my wife) and the corners cracked within a week each time (no drops and phone was not removed from the case). Warning to those that buy them for the $50 price tag….you most likely will be returning it so save some hassle and don’t buy it.


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