Nokia Lumia 635 is now available through three major carrier in the US. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T are all offering this smartphone. Nokia Lumia 635 is budget friendly Windows Phone which is available for $0 with a two-year contract. The off-contract price of Nokia Lumia 635 in the US is $168. Here, we will be looking at Best Nokia Lumia 635 cases.

There are a lot of good cases to choose from for Nokia Lumia 635. After having looked at tons of them, we have finally made a list of 10 Best Nokia Lumia 635 cases. These 10 best Nokia Lumia 635 cases include cases with different designs ranging from hard cases to flip-covers. We hope that you’ll like at least one of them!

1) IZENGATE Nokia Lumia 635 Wallet Case

Best Nokia Lumia 635 CasesIzengate Nokia Lumia 635 Wallet Case is one great looking case for Nokia Lumia 635. It is well-built and is reasonably priced. It is a flip-cover style case which you are likely to love. This case is available in 4 exciting colours. One thing that we love about this case has to be the number of pockets the case houses. You get 4 pockets in the case which lets you store ID cards, change and also credit cards.

Installing and removing this case is very easy. The magnetic strap in this case adds protection to the phone. If you are looking for a flip-cover style case, IZENGate case is the way to go.


2) AERO ARMOR Protective Case for Nokia Lumia 635Best-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

Aero Armor is well-known for making high quality cases for smartphones and tablets. The top priority of Aero Armor cases is protection and this case focuses on protection too. This Protective case has multi-layer construction for maximum impact resistance. The outer portion of the case is soft while the inner part of the case is hard.

Aero Armor Protective Case for Nokia Lumia 635 us available in 7 colours and is priced really well. More than 110 customers have bought this case and 4/5 users have liked it.


3) E LV Nokia Lumia 635 Case- Premium Leather CaseBest-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

E LV is not a case manufacturer that most of us know. But recently they have been making great cases. They made great cases for LG G3 too. This E LV Nokia Lumia 635 is premium looking flip-cover style case. This case comes in only black colour. Made especially for the Lumia 635, this case fits really well and the cut-outs are perfect.

This case is available in only Black colour. The PU leather used in the making of the case is of high quality. With this case, you also get a free stylus which can be used with the phone. The cases houses one slot for storing credit card or any other important card.


4) Design Collection Nokia Lumia 635 CaseBest-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

This case has to be one of the best Nokia Lumia 6435 cases if you are after funky cases. This case not only looks cool but also functions well. This case gives great overall protection. The case has small front lip which protects the screen from shattering in case of face-down drop. All the port cut-outs are perfect. This case is next to flawless.

Design Collection Nokia Lumia 635 Case is available,unfortunately in only one design. We would love if there were more design options available. This  case is priced really reasonably.


5) KwMobile 5 HARD CASE for the Nokia Lumia 635 Best-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

Windows Phone is all about being colourful, isn’t it? Colourful live tiles and colour options for Nokia phones show the beauty of changing colours. KwMobile is offering 5 Hard case, each of different colour for less than $7. This is as good as it gets. The case is slip-resistant with non-slippery sides.

The hard case provides really food protection to the phone. With 5 cases, you can change one each all. Also, one thing worth mentioning is that installing and removing this case is really easy.


6) Yousave Accessories Nokia Lumia 635 Case Jellyfish Silicone CoverBest-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

This Floral Jellyfish silicone get case fits Nokia Lumia 635 case perfectly. Specifically designed for Lumia 635, this is one of the best looking cases. With this case you also get a free screen protector. The screen protector is of really high quality which is a good addition.

This case is made from silicone which resists impact and gives better protection to the phone. Also, you get free micro-fiber cloth to clean the screen before applying screen protector.


7) Thousand Eight Nokia lumia 635 Diamond Silicone Hard CaseBest-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

Thousand Eight Nokia Lumia 635 case is made from silicone rubber and is available in 9 exciting colours. This case has got really good reviews at Amazon. There are 201 user reviews and most of the users have left 5 star reviews. This case has perfect cutouts for ports, speaker grill and camera.

There are a lot of freebies you are getting with this case. With this case, you get 1 free screen protector as well as a free stylus. Each of them work really well.


8) CellJoy Nokia Lumia 635 Hybrid Dual Protection Holster CaseBest-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

Looking for a OtterBox like case for fraction of price, look no further! CellJoy Nokia Lumia 635 Hybrid case is one of the best hybrid cases you can get. This case is available in 3 colours- Green, Pink and Grey. Made specifically for Nokia Lumia 635, it won’t fit any other phone.

CellJoy Nokia Lumia 635 case has a built-in kickstand which is a great bonus. In addition to that, the company is providing lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong with your case, the company will provide replacement for free. This case is really well built.


9) HHI Dual Armor Composite Case with Stand for Nokia Lumia 635

Similar to CellJoy Nokia Lumia 635 case, HHI Dual Armor Composite Case is a hard case that gives extreme protection. This is a dual layer rugged case that will withstand any kinds of drops. This case is available in 7 exciting colours. One of the things that we love about this case has to be its pricing. This case is priced reasonably and is built really well.

HHI Dual Armor Composite Case with Stand for Nokia Lumia 635 has a built-in kickstand which makes media viewing experience really good. With this case, you will also get a free stylus of your choice.


10) Mr Shield Nokia Lumia 635 Anti-glare Screen Protector [3-PACK] Best-Nokia-Lumia-635-Cases

This is the best screen protector you can buy for Nokia Lumia 635. This screen protector is easy to install and lasts really long. In addition to that, with your purchase you get three screen protectors. If you mess one up, you will still have two of them left. This case also doesn’t show up bubble once it is installed.

Mr. Shield Nokia Lumia 635 also comes with Lifetime replacement warranty. This screen protector is matte (any-glare) screen protector.


These are the 10 best Nokia Lumia 635 cases you can buy today. We update our database frequently . As new and better cases come out for Nokia Lumia 635, we will update our article then. Till then, thank you for reading our post. You can also check out cases at Official Windows Store.


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