Microsoft Surface 3 is finally the Surface we all wanted to see. For the first time, Microsoft Surface runs full Windows and not half-baked Windows RT. What this means is, now you can run native Windows applications and softwares. Starting at just $499, Microsoft Surface 3 is a tablet hard to beat. It goes head-on-head with the iPad Air 2 and wins in many ways.

Microsoft Surface 3 has a 10.8″ Full HD screen which is top-notch. The screen resolution may not be as high as that of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but is more than adequate.  The Intel X7 quad-core processor is frugal and powerful all at once. The build of the tablet is just as good.

Microsoft Surface 3 is a great stand-alone tablet but works better with additional accessories. Here, we have made a list of 10 Best Microsoft Surface 3 Accessories which will unleash the potential of Microsoft Surface 3. The Best Microsoft Surface 3 accessories include official accessories such as Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover. Be sure to check out all the best Microsoft Surface 3 Accessories you can buy today!

1) Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesMicrosoft calls Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover an optional purchase but like we think this is a must-have accessory. Made by Microsoft itself, this  comes in as No.1 of Best Microsoft Surface 3 Accessories. This Type Cover doubles as a case too. The keyboard doesn’t need any additional battery and it instantly turns your Surface 3 tablet into a laptop.

The Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover houses a mechanical keyboard which also has back-light which kicks in automatically in dark-lit areas. Even better, Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover has in-built Trackpad which works better than you would expect. When you buy this keyboard, you don’t have to look for any other protective cover either. However, this Type Cover is very expensive. Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover is available in 5 exciting colours. 


2) Microsoft Surface Pen

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesMicrosoft Surface Pen is a $50 purchase which is worth the money if you are someone who draws. This is the same pen you get with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The only difference is that with the Surface Pro 3, you get this Pen in the box, with the Surface 3, you have to buy it separately.

Microsoft Surface Pen is available in 4 colours. The pen connects with the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet wirelessly. The pen has three buttons: 2 on the sides and 1 on the top. The pen as you would expect has pressure sensitivity feature too. If you but the optional Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover, you can store the pen in the included loop in the Type Cover.


3) URBAN ARMOR Microsoft Surface 3 Case

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesUrban Armor is among the top brands when it comes to art of case-making especially for tablets. They have a very similar case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which received over-whelming response from the customers. This is one of the most premium case you can buy for the Microsoft Surface 3 and is also one of the best Microsoft Surface 3 Accessories you can get right now.

The case is easy to install and remove. The case houses built-in kick stand with 3 angular positions just as the tablet’s kickstand. You can connect your Microsoft Surface 3 Type Cover even with the case on. Also, you get easy access to all your buttons and ports even with the case installed. Even better, the case has a stylus holder where you can conveniently store the Microsoft Surface Pen. This case is available in 2 colours. 


4)Elsee Premium Folio Case for Microsoft Surface 3

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesLow on budget? This is the best money can buy. This case may cost a fraction of money when compared to other cases and accessories but that doesn’t mean this case is bad by any means. This case is made from PU leather on the outside and microfiber from the inside.

The stand on the Microsoft Surface 3 is usable even when the Elsee Premium Folio Case is installed. In addition to that, you can also connect your Surface 3 Type Cover even while this case is installed in the tablet. This case is available in only 1 colour.


5) Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesThis is what I love about Microsoft. They make a lot of accessories for their products! If you are doing some Photoshop work or any other work which requires precision, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition is the way to go. The mouse is made for the Surface/ Surface Pro Tablets and connects to the tablet wirelessly via Bluetooth.

This mouse looks cool, works just as you would want it to and is currently being sold for less than $60 which makes it a no-brainer purchase.


6) Microsoft Docking Station for Surface 3

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesWant to take your Surface 3 Tablet to the next level? Check out the official Docking Station for the Microsoft Surface 3. This isn’t something many people will want to buy or actually buy but if I had enough money, I would surely get this!

Wondering why and how Microsoft Docking Station for Microsoft Surface 3 made it into the 10 Best Microsoft Surface 3 Accessories list? Check out the features of the Microsoft Surface 3 which instantly turns your tablet into a full-flexed desktop PC. The Docking Station includes:

  • 48W Power Supply for Quick-Charging
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 3.5mm audio input/output connection
  • Mini DisplayPort video output capable of driving 3840 X 2600p screen resolution
  • Security lock slot
  • Magnetic Pen Storage Slot

Microsoft Surface 3 Docking Station comes with 1-year limited warranty. The docking station is available only in Black Colour. Be sure to check out this docking station!


7) Microsoft Surface 3 Case with Stand by Omoton

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesLet’s look at some budget cases for the Microsoft Surface 3. Microsoft Surface 3 Case with Stand by Omoton looks and feels premium. What we loved about the case has to be its price. For less than $15, you are getting a case which would easily cost more than $25 if you buy it elsewhere.

This case is specifically made for the Microsoft Surface 3 which means that there is perfect cut-out for ports, cameras and buttons. The case also houses a built-in kickstand. This case is currently available only in 2 colours.


8) Microsoft Surface 3 Case by Sparin

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesThis case for Microsoft Surface 3 by Sparin is available in 2 colours. One case looks premium with black finish and the other case is cool and funky. The latter will surely be loved by teens. The fit and finish of the case will impress anyone and everyone. For so little money, you are getting a case which works just as you would want it to.


The case comes with built-in kickstand. The case is made from PU leather which look as though it is a real leather. The inner part of the case is made from microfiber which protects the screen from being scratched. The case also comes with a band which prevents unwanted opening of the case and protects the case in case of a drop.


 9) Microsoft Surface 3 Case by HotCool

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesThis specific case costs less than $10 and is made by manufacturer well known for making quality cases. This case is built well and is available in only one colour. This case has a built-in kickstand. Also, this case houses built-in loop for storing the Microsoft Surface 3 Pen.

The front part of the case is padded which protects the screen of the tablet if dropped. In addition to that, the manufacturer claims to provide life-time warranty with this case. This case is certainly worth looking at!


10) Microsoft Surface 3 Case Sleeve by amCase

Best-Microsoft-Surface-3-AccessoriesThis sleeve for Microsoft Surface 3/ Surface Pro 3 (fits both perfectly) is among the top rated Surface Tablet Sleeve. With over 470 customer reviews with 4.7/5.0 Amazon rating, this is easily among the best Microsoft Surface 3 Accessories. Having used this sleeve by myself, I can say that this sleeve is handy, compact and very portable.

This Sleeve costs less than $15 and comes in Black Colour. This sleeve is very similar to AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve. Be sure to check out this sleeve!


These are the best Microsoft Surface 3 accessories you can buy right now. Hope you liked at least one of them. Also, we update our posts frequently. So, be sure to come back here later to check out the updates.

You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface 3 by clicking here for CNet Review of Microsoft Surface 3  or here for specs from Microsoft.


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