So Dell has refreshed its XPS 13 series laptops with fresher chips, better battery life, some new looks and some more modifications. It’s available in a range of i3, i5 and i7 chips now, and with storage options of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB. The RAM options are available in 4GB/8GB and 16GB. It’s also getting killer Wi-Fi performance with some sleek hardware inside. You can choose the designs from plain aluminum to the new “Rose Gold”, which I think is just pink. But anyways, that’s for you to decide. Here we will discuss 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers.

The Dell XPS 13 has a sleek and smooth body, so, yes it IS prone to scratches and smudges. So, if you want to know why would you need a case for your Dell XPS 13, there’s that. Yes, cases tend to hide your laptop’s design and beauty. But it can protect your laptop whenever they may be in your bag, or you are carrying it around, etc. So, let’s just go ahead with 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers

Here are the 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers you can get today!

1) mCover iPearl Clear Hard Shell Case for 13.3″ Dell XPS 13

First up on the list of 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers, we have a clear hard case for your XPS 13 laptop. This is for 2015 model but it’s fully compatible with the 13.3″ new XPS 13. It covers all corners and edges of your laptop for all round protection without hiding the original looks of your laptop. It also features retractable feet underneath for comfortable typing and multiple viewing angles. Comes in other various colors as well.

Check out this cool clear case for your Dell XPS 13>>

2) Skinit Geometric Vinyl Skin for Dell XPS 13

Next up on the list of 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers, we have a skin for your laptop. Care for something fancy on your laptop? Then cover your laptop with this fancy skin that also provides anti-scratch protection with its scratch-resistant layers. The vinyl print is very durable as well with industry leading vivid color vinyl printing technology. Style your laptop with fancy colors with this skin.

Check out this cool skin for your Dell XPS 13 here>>

3) Broonel London Profile Series Luxury Leather Case for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversWant something classy and protective at the same time? This here, is a combination of both. This luxury leather case is constructed out of genuine high quality leather with soft microfiber in the interior. It can easily protect your Dell XPS 13 from scratches and bumps easily. It’s adjustable corners allow the case to be adjusted for giving a bespoke fit. Furthermore, a rear access slot in the case allows for better ventilation. Protect your laptop with a sophisticated look with this luxury case.

You can check out this luxury case for your Dell XPS 13 here>>

4) Nevissbags Portable Semi-Hard Carrying Case for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversFind it difficult to carry your laptop in your regular backpack? Try this laptop carrying case for your Dell XPS 13. This is a semi-hard carrying case made out of hard PC material that can protect your laptop from drops and bumps when not in use or on the go. The interior case is lined with microfiber interior to prevent scratches and damage. It features an elastic band that holds your laptop securely while the extra pocket can carry accessories conveniently. Carry your laptop conveniently and with style on the go.

View this carrying case for your Dell XPS 13 here>>

5) Dell Laptop Sleeve for for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversNext up on the list of 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers is this laptop sleeve officially by Dell. Designed for 13-inch Ultrabooks and 11-inch Notebooks, it will be a perfect fit for your Dell XPS 13. It’s constructed out of weather-resistant and durable nylon which makes it waterproof, so, no need to worry about carrying it during rain. It is also very slim and lightweight, making it easier to carry. Carry your laptop with ease with this sleeve.

Have a look at this Dell XPS 13 Sleeve here>>

6) CeoCase Slim Protective Pouch Case for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversLaptop pouches can be great if you want to store your laptop in your backpack but protect it from interior damages. So, in this list of 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers, we have a slim protective pouch compatible with your Dell XPS 13. This pouch can securely store your laptop while also giving a stylish leathery look.

Check out this nifty leather pouch here>>

7) Vangoddy Pindar Messenger Bag for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversThis here, is probably the best laptop bag you could find for your Dell XPS 13. It is a perfect for someone who is always on the go. First of all, these messenger bags let you store, carry and protect your laptop and accessories very conveniently. It is designed with multiple compartments to accommodate a wide range of accessories in an organized fashion. Furthermore, in addition to a handle, there is also a detachable shoulder strap for easy carry. In addition to all this, this bundle includes a USB Mouse, a Thumb  drive and USB Hub as well.

Check out this Dell XPS 13 bundle here>>

8) MyGift Electrify Design Skin for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversHere is another cool skin to modify your laptop’s look into something more stylish in this list of 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers. This skin covers and protects your the outside upper lid and bottom of your laptop from scratches and scuffs. It’s unique channeled adhesive holds on securely and doesn’t damage your laptop surface when removed. The blue matte electrifies design makes it look so much cooler.

Take a look at this skin for your Dell XPS 13 here>>

9) IT3 HD Clear Screen Protector for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversAlso on this list of 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers, we have a screen protector for your Dell XPS 13. Laptop screens are pretty vulnerable to scratches and smudges, so, screen protectors are a very good idea to prevent such. This HD screen protector is 99% transparent and has silicone adhesive coating, which makes it easier to apply. It is durable enough to protect from scratches effectively.

You can check this Dell XPS 13 screen protector here>>

10) CaseBuy Ultra Thin Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin for Dell XPS 13

10-Best-Dell-XPS-13-Cases-and-CoversIf you’re like me, you’re probably annoyed of having to clean your keyboard off from dirt and fingerprints or smudges. So, here’s a keyboard protector skin for your Dell XPS 13. It is waterproof and dustproof, which safeguards your laptop’s keyboard from dust and spills! It has no glue, but it sticks easily and clings on firmly, but it is also easy to remove. This keyboard protector is also available in many colors to choose from.

Have a look at this keyboard cover for your Dell XPS 13>>

So, these were the 10 Best Dell XPS 13 Cases and Covers.Hope you like at least one of them. Thank you for reading and keep with us for more such news and information.


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