Nvidia Shield Tablet is one of a kind. Very different from most of the other Android tablets, this tablet is for hardcore gamers and those looking for gaming on the go. Made by Nvidia, this tablet shows what Nvidia is capable of. Nvidia Shield tablet is powered by Nvidia’s home-grown processor, the Tegra K1. It is a quad-core processor running at 2.2GHz and the ULP GeForce Kepler GPU it uses has 196 cores. 

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Nvidia Shield Tablet has 8″ Full HD screen and the front also houses stereo speakers which make it a complete package. There are two cameras both capable of taking photos upto 5MP.

If you are looking for Best Cases for Nvidia Shield Tablet you can buy today, you have come to the right place. Sure, there are a lot of cases for Nvidia Shield but some are flawed and you should avoid them. Here is the list of 10 Best Cases for Nvidia Shield Tablet you can buy today!

1) NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Cover

Best-cases-for-Nvidia-Shield-TabletYes, you guessed it. This case comes straight from the manufacturer. Nvidia Shield Tablet Cover is made my Nvidia itself and works flawlessly. The case isn’t bulky. There is magnetic connection which will automatically turn on/off the display as you open/close the cover.

Nvidia Shield Tablet  cover is made from polyurethane which looks almost like real leather. Also, the inner microfiber lining  makes sure that your screen doesn’t get scratched. As with most of the tablet cases, you can use this case as a kickstand. The only con of this case to be its price. Also, you can only buy this case/cover in Black colour.


2) Fintie NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet SmartShell Case

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletLooking for a cheap Nvidia Shield Tablet Case? Look no further. Fintie Nvidia Shield Tablet Case costs less than $10 and is easily the best cheap case for the Shield. Also, this case comes in whooping 21 colours! 

As with the Shield Tablet Cover by Nvidia, this case has auto sleep/wake function and also can be used as a stand. This case has perfect cutouts for the Shield Tablet. The inner part of the case is soft preventing the tablet screen from being scratched.


3)Poetic NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Case with Built-in Screen Protector

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletNot always do we find a rugged case as good as this. Poetic Nvidia Shield Tablet Case with Built-in Screen protector is one of the best cases for Nvidia Shield table and is the best rugged case for the Shield Tablet. This case comes in 2 colours- Black and Green.

Poetic Nvidia Shield Tablet Case comes with 3 year warranty straight from the manufacturer. If something goes wrong with the case, Poetic will replace the case for free no question asked. Specially designed for Nvidia Tablet, this case has perfect cutouts for ports and camera holes.


4) ProCase SlimSnug Case for NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletProCase SlimSnug Case for Nvidia Shield Tablet is a slim case for your brand new tablet. This case is very similar to Apple’s Smart Cover for iPad. This one acts like one too. Also, this case is priced very reasonably.

ProCase SlimSnug Case is available in 6 exciting colours. We personally found the black one to look the best. Installing and removing this case is also very easy. This case can also be used as a stand for better media viewing.


5) Exact NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Case

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletExact Nvidia Shield Tablet Case looks and functions exactly like the case above, the ProCase SlimSnug Case. Buy whichever is cheaper. One reason to choose this case over the ProCase Case for Nvidia Shield Tablet has to be the colour options. This case is available in 7 colours.

At this time of writing, Exact Nvidia Shield Case is cheaper than the ProCase. So, it makes more sense to buy this one!


6) MoKo Nvidia Shield Tablet Case – Ultra Slim Lightweight Case

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletMoKo is well-known for making high quality cases for smartphones and tablets. This case is no different. While other case manufactures provide 2-3 years warranty or don’t provide warranty at all , MoKo provides lifetime warranty for this case. Although Moko doesn’t mention the terms and conditions, it is safe to assume they were provide free replacements only.

Moko Nvidia Shield Tablet Case comes in 8 flavours and some of the cases even have patterns in them. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to like at least one of them. This case is made from PU leather and has microfiber interior. This case is surely worth checking out!


7) Cooper Cases Touchpad K5000 Nvidia Shield Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard Dock with Touchpad

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletOk. This is not a case by any means. We included this in the list because most of us never encounter such products. Just as you are looking for a case, you may want to look at this one. TouchPad K5000 Nvidia Shield Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard is a beauty. This keyboard connects to your Shield Tabley via Bluetooth and works flawlessly. Even better, you can use this keyboard to pair with your smartphone or any device with Bluetooth 3.0 or higher.

Cooper Cases TouchPad K5000 Nvidia Shield Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard Dock with Touchpad has an in-built rechargeable battery that lasts months not days! The keyboard also has kickstand feature. You should definitely check this keyboard out!


8) ProCase NVIDIA Shield Tablet Premium Folio Cover Case

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletProCase Nvidia Shield Tablet Premium Folio Cover case is one of the best cases for Nvidia Shield Tablet you can buy right now. This case is only available in brown colour and is made from premium composition leather exterior. This is not a genuine leather but as close as it gets! As with any other case, this case has microfiber interior.

The case has built-in kickstand which can be positioned in various angles which is a really good addition. The case also houses holder for holding your pen or stylus. The case is next to flawless!


9) NVIDIA SHIELD Controller

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletThis clearly isn’t a case but something that is likely to supplement the case you will be buying. Made for the Nvidia Shield Tablet, this is a must have accessory. This Wi-Fi Direct connected controller works best on Android and PC (sorry Mac users!) The controller has Stereo Headset Jack with Game Chat Support. In addition to that, the controller houses integrated microphone for voice search and commands.

If you are serious about gaming, this is the controller we will recommend you the most. You can use this controller in your PC using the included USB cable.


 10) ArmorSuit Military Grade Screen Protector for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Best Cases for Nvidia Shield TabletThis is the best Screen Protector you can buy for your Shield Tablet. Period. This screen protector is specifically made for the Shield Tablet. Installing this screen protector is really easy. Even novice like me installed this screen protector in no time.

One thing we liked about this screen protector is that bubbles didn’t show up after applying the screen protector. Even if you happen to apply the screen protector incorrectly, the manufacturer won’t hesitate to send you a replacement. Cheers!


These are the best cases for Nvidia Shield tablet you can buy right now. We hope you liked at least one or two of them. Thanks for reading out post. Also note that we update our articles with time. When new cases and accessories come out, we will keep you guys updated! AppGameBlog.com provides news, views and reviews to readers.

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